What is Mentoring V. Coaching?

With over 30 years of media, business, strategy, and marketing experience, not every client needs me to be their coach. What is wanted and needed for their next step is actually a mentor or a consultant. What’s the difference you ask? As a coach, my job is to guide you to the answers that are already within you. That typically involves uncovering and discovering the answers to the What and Why of life. Together, we take the time to stop and explore the bigger questions that come after that: What do want next? Why is it important now? Who are you willing to become to execute bigger goals? I then help you with this journey by being your accountability partner that pushes you to reach beyond fears and roadblocks to get what you say you want.

But I don’t tell you what to do or how to do it. That’s not what trained coaches do.

As a mentor, I take those same 30 years of experience–from a professional and personal perspective and I give you the HOW. This mentorship package is for when you already know your What and your Why, but you need the HOW. And as your mentor, I tell and show you how. As your consultant, you hire me to create the roadmap for you that connects the dots between what you’ve already accomplished and how to seamlessly pivot to the next level. It takes the guesswork and the trial and error to get you the results–in media, marketing, personal branding–faster.

How I Work with Consultant Clients
My work with each client is customized based on the need. In general, however, you’ll receive the following:
  • Business, marketing, and branding consulting
  • Strategic Planning sessions with personal S.W.O.T analysis
  • Revenue stream evaluation and new revenue recommendation plan
  • Branding strategy
  • A weekly 45-minute strategy and accountability call
  • Vetted resources for digital marketing and promotion
  • Website and social media audit
  • Personal brand messaging strategy
  • Unlimited email access
  • Online goal tracker
  • Recorded copies of our calls
    Note: This work is booked through my agency, Ivy Digital.